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Featured Droperatorz Pool
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Project WOLF

1 WOLF is 0.000000000001 ₳DA ( $0 USD )
Token values are a best-effort estimate based on price feeds from several Cardano-native decentralized exchanges (DEXes)
$WOLF is the #1 Cardano Metaverse MEME with a great future. We are sure WOLF CARDANO ($WOLF) has the potential to become a Cardano Legend in the future.

Together with our partner projekt PocketTowne we will enter the PocketTowne Metaverse soon.
Our goal is to create a big and active community of #mememillionaires.
The Wolf Pack will get his own WOLF SALOON and his own WOLF CLUB. We are planning to develop a $WOLF P&E CARD GAME.

$WOLF is the first Wolf meme theme token on the Cardano blockchain. He started as a joke but quickly gained popularity within the Cardano community.

Token Distribution

Network Wide Distribution Available

You can withdraw this token every epoch, regardless of which stake pool you are currently staking at.

5,555,555,555 WOLF every epoch Active Forever