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About us

DripDropz provides token dispensing services to the Cardano community. An intuitive platform that offers projects a comprehensive selection of distribution parameters. We welcome projects of all sizes into the Drip ecosystem. Delegates reap the rewards of DripDropz by providing the ability to withdraw a variety of tokens while remaining delegated to a community pool.

There is a maximum supply of 45 billion $DRIP tokens. 100% of the $DRIP tokens are allocated for the users of the DripDropz platform, distributed through the DripDropz platform. The $DRIP token is a utility token only for future use on the DripDropz platform.

$DRIP tokens will be distributed at a flat rate. Each delegate will receive a flat rate of 1000 $DRIP tokens, one withdrawal per an epoch. $DRIP tokens could roll over when the Hydra back payment feature is implemented.

The delegate must have at minimum 8 Ada staked to any stake pool to receive $DRIP tokens; the maximum amount of Ada in a user's wallet is not applicable.

Wallet splitting can occur and is encouraged to a degree. At DripDropz, we understand wallet splitting will occur for delegates to acquire the most $DRIP tokens and maximize token rewards. We feel that the process of creating a new wallet, storing private keys, and maintaining that many wallets would be enough of a mitigation process to eliminate what we would consider abusive behavior within the system. If you insist on splitting wallets and paying multiple transaction fees, please remember to spread your delegation to community pools.

DripDropz was created with the idea of it becoming the first genuinely self-governed DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), meaning the users of DripDropz will be able to vote on all future decisions on the platform.

We will implement the first phase by opening voting rounds to token onboarding. Holders of $DRIP tokens will vote on which token projects they want to see added to the platform.

The next phase of voting will open up the offboarding of tokens. If a token project provides no utility, acts as spam, or distribution is spread beyond their utility, the $DRIP holders will have the ability to “sweep the floor” by voting undesirable token projects off the platform, decluttering the token availability options per an epoch withdrawal.

Once the first two rounds have been completed successfully, we will move into the third phase of voting, where the community can use $DRIP tokens to vote on all business matters pertaining to DripDropz. The business control will be relinquished from the owners, and 100% ownership of the business will be transferred to the $DRIP token holders. The business will complete the process by switching from DripDropz LLC - A Wyoming limited liability company to DripDropz DAO - A Wyoming decentralized autonomous organization.

The CDI is the measurement of a project or token's desirability. Similar to how social media algorithms work, we applied the same formula.

The CDI measures the number of Views or Impressions VS. Withdrawal Rate.

The $DRIP Token CDI:

The best overall CDI score is 100.

How can a token project receive the best score?

In this case, all delegates (100%) presented with the token as an option to withdraw, and all said delegates did indeed withdraw said token. Here is an example of how CDI works.

Since we offer $DRIP to the entire blockchain, it is an excellent token to use as an example.

If the $DRIP token is displayed for withdrawal to 5000 delegates, but only 2000 withdraw $DRIP token desirability is:

2000 (withdrawals) / 5000 (views) = 0.400 * 100 = CDI 40

If we take spam or shitcoin with the same distribution parameters.

$HIT token is displayed to 5000 delegates as a possible withdrawal option, but only 10 delegates withdraw.

10 (withdrawals) / 5000 (views) = 0.002 * 100 = CDI 0.2 (0)

The higher the CDI, the more desirable the token is to the community. This should mitigate the issue of spam tokens; along with the implementation of phase 2 voting, users will be able to remove the undesirable tokens from the platform. A CDI of zero would indicate very little user engagement with a particular token.

On the DripDropz site, once logged in, under your account, you will see a referral code. If a new user joins DripDropz, both you and the new user will receive 100 $DRIP tokens.

With the use of Hydra, we will be able to roll over tokens. Users looking to save on transaction fees or don’t have time to withdraw every epoch. We will allow users to stack up and accumulate token rewards from past epochs for one big withdrawal as often as you would like with the implementation of Hydra.

Who benefits from DripDropz?

All delegates will be able to receive a variety or "grab bag" of tokens regardless of which pool they are delegated to. This will incentivize delegates to remain in community pools and still receive the highly sought-after tokens.

Why is this good for the community pool?

As for community pools, typical token distribution is limited to only that pool's delegates. DripDropz will help the community pools retain or add delegation to their pool. Pools hosting token drops will be able to reward their delegates with additional token bonuses along with distributing outside their own pools.

Dealing with DripDropz

Our platform will open the ecosystem up to token projects without requiring them to run a pool. The token project seeking distribution through Drip Dropz can also select how distributed they want their token. Meaning, you can choose to distribute tokens to select pool delegates or all delegates across the entire blockchain. Token projects will be able to onboard new users via wide token distribution onto their platform and acquire new consumers.