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Featured Droperatorz Pool
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Project Tokhun

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Tokhun is an NFT Marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain, established after the Mary Hardfork in March 2021. Tokhun was initially designed as an NFT minting platform but rapidly evolved into a smart-contract-driven NFT marketplace. Our goal is to continually improve toward a more intuitive, user-friendly environment where businesses, artists, and collectors can mint, buy, sell, and manage their NFTs. Every epoch, $TKHN are distributed to delegates of the Tokhun pool and users interacting with the Tokhun.io protocol. $TKHN will be used on the Tokhun.io platform to mint, buy and sell NFTs. Coming soon, you will also be able to provide a trading pair and stake your $TKHN in a liquidity pool with one of our DEX partners. The ultimate goal for $TKHN would be the ability to govern the Tokhun.io platform. Running the platform as a DAO allows the users and hodlers of $TKHN to vote and make changes to the protocol.
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Token Distribution

Network Wide Distribution Available

You can withdraw this token every epoch, regardless of which stake pool you are currently staking at.

1 Tokhun every epoch Active Forever
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[ TKHN1 ] Tokhun

Tokhun Pool #1 [TKHN1] - Stake with us and receive Tokhun tokens ($TKHN) to be used on tokhun.io, our NFT/FT Minting & Marketplace


Pledge: 5,000.00 ₳DA

Cost: 340.00 ₳DA

Margin: 5.00%

1 Tokhun per 10 ₳DA staked Active Forever
NEWM Stake Pool Logo

[ NEWM ] NEWM Stake Pool

NEWM provides high-quality staking services: Through continuous uptime and transparent communication, we give users the ultimate staking experience and dependable rewards. All generated fees will fund projectNEWM’s fair music ecosystem.


Pledge: 450,000.00 ₳DA

Cost: 340.00 ₳DA

Margin: 25.00%

1 Tokhun per 100 ₳DA staked Active Forever