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Featured Droperatorz Pool
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Project SickCity 345: Eternal Sunrise - Theo Scape

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The Sick City Epoch Genesis Token is a fungible token collection that brings music to Cardano Native Assets. A new token is created every Epoch (5 Days), is distributed for (close to) free, and features new music from artists in our community. Yes, this token literally has music embedded onto it!

Epoch 345 belongs to Theo Scape. He's an EDM/Prog House artist here on Cardano and he's coming in with a really awesome new song called Eternal Sunrise. This song is quite literally 7 minutes of total awesome.

Follow Theo Scape on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheoScape
Join the CNFTAudio Discord: https://discord.gg/yaQ87JU2p9

Once you have minted your Music token you can listen to it by going to pool.pm and loading your wallet and finding the token, or if you have Gero or Eternl Wallet, you can play the music right from your wallet!

Also keep in mind that Sick City is releasing a new song to the community for free every 5 days, be sure to swing by the Sick City Discord Server, Twitter Channel, or Website to stay up on all the latest releases!

Token Distribution

Network Wide Distribution Available

You can withdraw this token every epoch, regardless of which stake pool you are currently staking at.

1 SickCity 345: Eternal Sunrise - Theo Scape every epoch Active Forever