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Project StripperCoin

1 StripperCoin is 0.031579892121 ₳DA ( $0.011735835303 USD )
Token values are a best-effort estimate based on price feeds from several Cardano-native decentralized exchanges (DEXes)
StripperCoin - where in a pandemic-ridden world, strippers can still safely, and non-degradingly receive funds from a client.

We envision that StripperCoin could eventually work as a touchless, clean and non-degrading alternative to strip club money. Those who are familiar will know, many strip clubs force you to buy a stash of their in-house money to give to the girls as payment. Even if it’s real cash, money is often folded in degrading ways and flung at women dancing. We envision that StripperCoin could be the new form of the in-house money. Patrons could pay with the tap, or shake of a digital wallet. Partnered strip clubs could utilize StripperCoin and be listed in the StripperCoin app and on the website, and patrons could pay using an app on their phone, or their wallet, to a designated stripper using a QR code, or other pre-programmed methods. Yes, we even have a vision for the metaverse. We also foresee partnerships with cam sites and porn sites in the future.

Token Distribution

Network Wide Distribution Available

You can withdraw this token every epoch, regardless of which stake pool you are currently staking at.

1 StripperCoin every epoch Active Forever
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Professionaly built and managed, supported by the biggest Greek Cardano community


Pledge: 25,000.00 ₳DA

Cost: 340.00 ₳DA

Margin: 1.00%

5 STRIP every epoch Active Forever
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[ ADAOZ ] ADA Australia

Secure and reliable cloud and bare metal mixed server running on Australian cloud service providers and Raspberry Pi relays. We host the podcast and YouTube channel called Learn Cardano Podcast. Join the community and earn passive income on your ADA.


Pledge: 13,000.00 ₳DA

Cost: 340.00 ₳DA

Margin: 1.00%

5 STRIP every epoch Active Forever
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[ SCM ] Sick City Mermaids

Sick City Mermaids [SCM] is a stake pool that focuses on developing solutions to grow and bring attention to the music space in our ecosystem.


Pledge: 1,000.00 ₳DA

Cost: 340.00 ₳DA

Margin: 6.00%

5 STRIP every epoch Active Forever