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Project NFTC


$NFTC is the native token of the NFT Creative ecosystem.

A multi-project multi-function token that will be implemented across all of NFT Creative's Cardano projects, including but not limited to :

A hilariASS collection of NFTs created to inspire laughter and doubles as a deeply rewarding ecosystem.
PunkAss CNFT holders will benefit from earning claimable rewards each epoch. The reward amounts in $NFTC will be determined by the NFT series and amount.
Season 1 PunkAss - 50 $NFTC per NFT per epoch
Season 2 PunkAss, X-mASS, Cheek Peek - 100 $NFTC per NFT per epoch
Season 3 PunkAss (when available) - 150 $NFTC per NFT per epoch

ChainSlugs are your unfriendly metaverse pests, now in NFT form! (coming soon!)
ChainSlugs! leverages the power of the Plutus smart contract programming language to put the emphasis on FUN when it comes to functional.
$NFTC will be used in a very unique way which will determine the current state and future of your menacing ChainSlug, and that is JUST THE TIP!

Poseidon Tours (under development)
Poseidon is our version / vision of what a 'metaverse' should be. An entertainment service, with many amenities.
$NFTC will be the crypto-currency used to perform certain actions, gain access to exclusive events, purchase real world items among many other features we plan on implementing in Poseidon Tours.

Token Distribution

Network Wide Distribution Available

You can withdraw this token every epoch, regardless of which stake pool you are currently staking at.

25 NFTC every epoch Active Forever