Featured Droperatorz Pool
[ DIGI ] Digital Fortress
Featured Droperatorz Pool
[ DIGI ] Digital Fortress

Project DIBS

1 DIBS is 0.00000087387 ₳DA ( $0.00000037355 USD )
Token values are a best-effort estimate based on price feeds from several Cardano-native decentralized exchanges (DEXes)
We use our multiplayer platforms, such as apps and, soon, Metaverses, to bring friends closer together online. DIBS Game™ is a fun NFT game in which you compete to steal DIBS from your pals. Check our website and join Discord to follow all current developments.

Token Distribution

Network Wide Distribution Available

You can withdraw this token every epoch, regardless of which stake pool you are currently staking at.

5,000 DIBS every epoch Active Forever