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Project The Alexandria Project: Crazy Kitchen Vol 1

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Welcome everyone to THIS CRAZY KITCHEN! This workshop series is intended to help you develop skillsets for building in the Cardano ecosystem. From NFTz to Fungible Tokens, working with Native Assets on Cardano can be both a rich and rewarding experience. Whether you are an artist, author, creator, developer, educator, musician, or otherwise someone simply interested to have FUN with the world of Web 3, there is something for everyone!

THIS CRAZY KITCHEN focuses primarily on using Cardano-Tools for blockchain publication. As our ecosystem evolves, the content found here will need to be updated accordingly to the subsequent growth and development of Cardano. Nevertheless, for the time being, you will find many useful creative tools for minting and engaging with native assets, from beginner to more advanced approaches. We have included over 6 hours of learning content in this mint, so take your time and get ready to TAP into your future powered by Cardano!

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