The transaction got stuck or hasn't come through.

Not a problem. Please send your transaction ID via our contact us form. We can manually push through any stuck transactions.

How can I distribute my token project on the DripDropz platform?

Thank you for considering DripDropz for token distribution. To start the onboarding process, please fill out the form attached. https://forms.gle/exbMKm5CsmCZ9xpH7

You can edit this information whenever you want, so don't worry if you don't have/know an answer to a specific question. We can get it finalized before we launch the tokens.

Once you have completed the form, Andrew Westberg will reach out to you to start the token onboarding.

Is there a fee to distribute my token project? No, DripDropz does not charge token projects to onboard or distribute tokens. It’s completely free to use our distribution services.

My address is staked, but the site says the address is not staked?

DripDropz only recognizes addresses with an active stake in a pool. If you recently staked, the Ada may not be active in the pool yet. Please allow for a few epochs to pass. Once you start receiving Ada rewards, you will be qualified to withdraw from DripDropz.

Do I need to be staked to a specific pool?

No, one of the coolest parts about DripDropz is that you can stake to any pool on the Cardano blockchain and receive tokens from DripDropz.

How? Many token projects on the DripDropz platform have opted to distribute their tokens blockchain-wide.

Which pool do I need to be staked to?

You can stake to any pool on the Cardano blockchain and receive tokens through DripDropz. Note that some token projects may favor certain pools and reward those delegates more than others. Explore projects to find out more.

Do I need to send Ada payment from the same address I am claiming tokens with?

No, we only send tokens to the address queried on the DripDropz platform. You can pay the fees with any wallet; the tokens will be sent out only to the quarried wallet address.

How often do I need to withdraw?

DripDropz works on the epoch calendar (every 5 days). Each epoch, the rewards reset and reload. If you want to maximize your token bag, you will need to visit the platform every 5 days to withdraw that epoch's rewards.

Here is a handy tool for tracking epoch calendar: https://azureada.com/epoch-calendar

Why don't my rewards roll over and accumulate from epoch to epoch?

DripDropz and the Cardano blockchain do not yet have the technological capabilities to accumulate rewards through many epochs. We are hoping to implement this feature along with the power of Hydra.

Is there a fee to use DripDropz?

Yes, we do charge a fee to use DripDropz.

It depends on how many unique tokens you are withdrawing from the platform. The maximum we currently allow at a time is 10. If you withdraw 10 different token types, DripDropz will require you to send 5 Ada. You will receive the 10 different token types and approximately 3 Ada back. This transaction costs a total of 2 Ada.

Why send Ada to DripDropz just for them to send most of it back?

The way the Cardano Blockchain is constructed requires tokens to travel with Ada (this is called the minUTXO). You are essentially sending in the minUTXO to DripDropz to ship your tokens back to you. It’s similar to paying shipping and handling.

Click here and read the Cost / Service Fee Breakdown section.